Welcome To the Montalbano Family

Welcome to the family site of the Montalbanos.  Or should I say, Montalbani?

Either way, we are all descendants of Peter Montalbano, who moved to the U.S. from Sicily back at the beginning of the 20th century.  And we’ve managed to spread ourselves far and wide.  This is our website for us to use as we wish, to keep in contact with each other, remember the “good old days” and maybe even create new ones.

Just to explain the website title . . . our beloved departed grandpa Michael Montalbano was given to complaining about such things as Rock 'n' Roll and feminism, and when one of his children would do something he didn't like, he was quick to connect their behavior with all the things he didn't like about the modern world, calling it all “The Whole Damn Business.”  He was, nevertheless,  a sweet man, modern in many ways himself, and we miss him.

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